Creating, Modifying, and Eliminating Credentialed Undergraduate Programs

Individuals seeking to create or make changes to a credentialed undergraduate program should consult the following document:

Requirements for the Creations, Modification, Oversight, and Elimination of Credentialed Undergraduate Academic Programs at Rice University

This document contains information on the following topics (among others):

  • The types of credentialed undergraduate programs offered at Rice, their scope and definition
  • How to propose a new credentialed academic program—includes the process and the information necessary for a proposal to be brought to the CUC
  • How to change an existing credentialed academic program and what types of changes require CUC review and approval
  • How to eliminate a credentialed academic program

Examples of Successful Past Proposals

The following are examples of past successful proposals. Please be sure to follow the most current guidelines; some of these proposals were drafted under the older guidelines.